Freezing of eggs and embryos has undergone a magnitude of change over the past couple of decades. The older method, Slow freezing has now been almost replaced by a process called Vitrification.

In the older method of Slow freezing, the water content in eggs and embryos led to the formation of water crystals, leading to lower pregnancy rates in Thaw cycles as compared to Fresh ones. Vitrification comes from the Latin word vitrum, meaning glass. This method involves a rapid change in the state of the eggs/embryos with the use of something called the ‘vitrification medium’, which freezes the eggs/embryos into a glass like state.

Vitrification has been a breakthrough in the process of freezing and has led to pregnancy rates equivalent to that of Fresh cycles.

At Vita Fertility Clinic, our Embryologists are highly trained in this technique and we pride ourselves in the recovery of our frozen embryos and the results that they yield!