The Nine Months

We realize the anxiety that the Intended Parent(s) go through with their baby in another’s womb. This is especially in the case of overseas parents. Besides medical care, we ensure that the surrogate and baby have a smooth journey.

Therefore, we ensure that a regular follow up is provided via emails and phone calls throughout the nine month period. Each scan with photographs and / or videos are sent to the parents so that the baby’s development can be followed until delivery. The following is the usual schedule of follow up with the doctor.

  • 6 Week -- Scan
  • 8 Week -- Scan
  • 11 Week -- Scan for Nuchal translucency for screening for Down’s syndrome
  • 15 Week -- Scan with Triple Marker test for screening for Down’s syndrome
  • 19 Week -- Level 3 scan
  • 24 Week -- 3D scan
  • 28 Week ( and then once in 2 weeks till 36 weeks -- Scans and other tests are performed depending on the discretion of the Obstetrician
  • Weekly after 36 weeks -- Scans and other tests are performed depending on the discretion of the Obstetrician

In high risk pregnancies, the surrogates may require to follow up more frequently. Further, the weight, Blood pressure, Haemoglobin, etc are keep under strict vigilance to ensure that they are consuming their supplements properly.

Accommodation is the other important aspect of our Surrogacy Program. We do not believe in keeping surrogates in Hostels. Each surrogate is provided with an individual apartment with a kitchen and toilet for the duration of pregnancy and for a month after delivery. The housing is within 10 to 15 minutes of the hospital and ensures that the surrogate can make it at the time of emergency.

If you would like to communicate with your surrogate, we can make arrangements for the same on Skype. The housing is supervised by a caretaker, who looks after them in between the visits to the doctor. The caretaker also accompanies the surrogates for all appointments in a taxi. This ensures that the surrogate is transported safely from one place to the other.

Delivery of the surrogate is conducted at either the Dr. L.H. Hiranandani Hospital in Powai or the Seven Hills Hospital at Andheri. Both the hospitals are modern and well equipped for any emergency for the baby or the surrogate.