While living in Mumbai we had the opportunity to meet several fertility doctors and to visit clinics and hospitals specialized in this field. We had no luck for few years - till one of our friends recommended Dr Sukhpreet Patel at Vita Fertility Clinic (South Mumbai)

Firstly we found that among all the clinics/hospitals we visited, Vita Fertility Clinic was the most pleasant : modern, well staffed and highly clean. The interaction with Dr. Patel was very good: she was dedicated, very professional and took the necessary time to listen and answer our questions. She was very willing to explain the different procedures and we could discuss at length our options with her. She didn't interfere when a personal decision needed to be taken and provided lots of useful information. We never had the feeling of wasting our time but of progressing towards our goal - Also at the time we did our IVF, we were kept informed of each step with the corresponding outcome.

As a result, our IVF procedure with donor eggs was successful at the first attempt and it feels like a miracle for us. Dr. Patel is practical and seems to work with a very methodical approach, taking into consideration the parameters of our health condition and able to handle them (hypertension for instance). Beside her professional skills we also appreciated Dr. Patel's respect of timings during our appointments. While in other clinics/hospitals we were used to wait for hours, Dr. Patel optimized our time.

Finally, as an added bonus we also found the fees structure and payment schedule to be very convenient and competitive.

My husband and I found Dr. Sukhpreet Patel to be one of the most ethical, caring, andknowledgeable doctors in the medical field. For couples looking to realize the dream ofbecoming parents, look no further; Dr. Patel will do everything possible in order to help. Dr.Patel was always willing to answer all questions regarding the surrogacy program andmaintained contact with us throughout the program. All e-mails we sent her were answeredpromptly.

Also, she made sure the surrogate was cared for and in good health.Dr. Patel arranged not only the medical aspect of the surrogacy program, but she alsoarranged for us to have representation for the legal aspects as well. We were truly blessed tohave met this wonderful doctor.


Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Popper, USA

In our dealings with Dr Sukhpreet Patel, my wife and I have found her to be an outstanding professional in all respects. In particular, we found her to be of the utmost integrity, with state of the art knowledge and expertise in this complex and fast moving area of medicine. She was hardworking and dedicated to our cause.

Surrogacy can be quite daunting for the intended parents at times, and what really struck us as she guided us through the whole process was her warmth and empathy. There are no guarantees in fertility medicine of course, but by having someone like Dr Patel on your side, you can give yourselves the best possible chance. We have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone considering surrogacy.

D and L, UK

Parenthood was something that in our 10 years together we had looked into many ways togo about this including becoming registered foster carers and numerous squashed attempts atAdoption due to politics within Australia and had always discussed the idea of Surrogacy butnever thought it a true possibility, that was until we met Dr Patel!

"For both my partner David and myself, the decision to go ahead with Surrogacy in India wassecured the day we met Dr Sukhpreet Patel and her team. We felt instantly comforted and inprofessional hands the moment we entered her office!

From beginning right through with all the exciting ultrasounds and progress reports (whichwere like Christmas to us) and then the emotional (for us ;-p) birth of our beautiful twindaughters we couldn't fault the professional yet heart felt care and services that were providedby Dr Patel given the distance between us.

Our proof can not be any stronger than with the two amazingly beautiful daughters that haveenriched our lives, Marleina and Aneliese born January 14th 2010 thanks to Dr Sukhpreet Patel.



Dr Sukhpreet Patel is a fantastic fertility doctor. Our goal was for one baby, and Dr Patel achieved this for us on the first transfer.

We were a little apprehensive starting our family through surrogacy in India, however as soon as we met Dr Sukhpreet Patel we were put at ease. She is a fantastic communicator, and clearly an efficient doctor. Her regular emails with updates on how our baby was growing on the other side of the world, helped make this process much easier for us. We could not recommend Dr. Patel more highly.

Ashley James and Stella.

Dr. Patel helped us have our little baby boy Connor. Throughout the process we found her to be extremely helpful and supportive. She kept us regularly updated on the pregnancy, the surrogate’s health and our baby’s growth. Her entire team went above and beyond to assist us, especially after Connor was born and we had to arrange all the paperwork to get his birth certificate and passport. We have no hesitation in recommending her to anybody considering surrogacy.

Michael & Michelle Donnelly


Dear Dr. Patel,

The experience we had with you throughout the conception and pregnancy with Thomas was nothing short of brilliant. Being so far away in Australia, and never having any other experience with IVF, brought with it some anxiety. However, your regular updates, scans, and prompt responses to our email enquiries managed to calm those anxieties to an acceptable level!

We are again experiencing that same level of compassion, communication, and efficiency with the pregnancy of our twins. We had always wanted to have two children, so you have excelled our expectations here as well with three! Thomas will now have two siblings, and we will instantly be a family of five! You have been instrumental in creating a family that had we had not even dared dream about and for this we are truly thankful.

We sing your praises to anyone in our circle in Australia that has an interest to learn of how Thomas came to be, or who has an interest to learn more about our experience with surrogacy in India. We would be happy to share our experiences with anyone considering engaging your services so please feel free to pass on my email address.

Paul, Alcides, & Thomas

Starting the surrogacy journey in 2009 was a decision that brought to life a dream that we would never have thought possible.

We were blessed with twins after our second attempt. We are forever indebted to doctor Patel for the great care she took of us and our babies during the process of surrogacy. We were kept up-to-date with every step of the process which engaged us and provided us with the sense of involvement and piece of mind, despite being on the other side of the globe.

Being a same sex couple, we found that she treated us with the highest respect with no prejudices.

We also admired the great care doctor Patel took of our egg donor and our wonderful surrogate, both were treated with dignity, and respect, as this was of the highest importance to us.

Parenthood has been the most wonderful experience, one that has exceeded all our dreams, so much so that we decided late last year to go through surrogacy again under the auspicious care of doctor Patel. This time we were lucky the first time, God willing next August will bring a third blessing to our family.

It is with no hesitation that we would recommend doctor Patel as a highly ethical and professionalexpert in the field of surrogacy.

Many Blessings,

Andrew, Fabian, Eden & Orlando

Monday the 7th of May 2012

Thanks to our experience with Dr Sukhpreet Patel, our daughter Rani was born in August 2009. Dr Patel proved to be a very caring and professional IVF specialist. We live in Australia, which can be difficult when a surrogate is carrying your child so far away, however Dr Sukhpreet kept us calm and informed throughout the transfer process and pregnancy. We were very lucky our surrogate became pregnant on the first embryo transfer. Dr Sukhpreet always made herself available by phone and we constantly communicated by Internet instant messaging. It made us feel so much more involved by being able to have a chat in real-time. Even when our surrogate had to go into hospital for a few weeks, Dr Sukhpreet kept us informed on Rani and our surrogate’s health and what treatment was needed and being administered.

DR Sukhpreet has a very caring and compassionate nature and it felt like she was part of the whole experience not just a Dr in the background doing a job. DR Sukhpreet stayed close when we were sent to the care of the Obstetrician and visited following the birth and again during a trip to Australia. As a gay couple, we felt respected at all times and there was al

ways the sense we were both the intended parents of Rani, this was very important to us and made our surrogacy experience so positive. Surrogacy is a very overwhelming experience, however Dr Sukhpreet guided us through the whole process. She is passionate about what she does and we cannot speak more highly of her both as a professional and person we hold much admiration for. DR Sukhpreet is a very important and much loved person in the story of how Rani came to the world and helped us realise our dream to have a family.

Mark and Allan


When Matt and I started our relationship 8 years ago we discussed and dreamt about our desire to start a family. For years this just seemed like a fantasy that we would never be able to fulfil. That was until we met Dr Sukhpreet Patel.

Initially we started correspondence with Dr Patel through email and phone conversations. We had lots of questions and concerns. Dr Patel patiently and professionally answered all of our queries ranging from fertility options to legal ramifications of doing surrogacy in a foreign country. Before long we were on a plane to Mumbai to start our surrogacy journey and to start our family.

From our initial visit to India things progressed very quickly. Within two months of meeting Dr Patel face to face we received some very good news. We were expecting two babies. This is something we had wanted for such a long time.

Right throughout the pregnancies we were kept very well informed about the health of the surrogates and babies. We received video and photo scans every month. We knew the surrogates and our babies were in very capable hands under Dr Patels care.

In January 2011 we were pleased to welcome into our lives our daughters Summer and Skye.

If you have been considering surrogacy as an option to starting your own family then I can give no stronger recommendation of Dr Sukhpreet Patel. In our eyes she is a very special person.

We would be happy for Dr Patel to forward you our contact details if you would like to learn more about our surrogacy journey.

Dwayne and Matt