Empowerment Project


Surekha....our first surrogate...our success story!!!

Surekha was a housewife living in Mumbai city. Her husband was working in a bakery, barely making it through day to day life with his earning. She had a little girl back then who she aspired to send to an ‘English school’ to make the family proud. Surekha underwent the process of surrogacy for a fortunate couple living abroad and delivered healthy twins. She returned after a year to repeat the process.

At that time she was counselled about looking at other options to earn a living. It was our responsibility to empower her. Surekha was employed by us as a caretaker for the surrogates, and is more like a Manager for the Surrogates today. Her husband also works with our team now.

She has two wonderful daughters today... the older one goes to the ‘English school’ she always craved for; and the younger one will soon follow....

Empowerment of Surrogates is something we are working on very seriously. We are committed to making a difference to the life of every surrogate family.

Currently our Surrogate Empowerment Project involves arming these women with a useful skill during pregnancy. These include crochet, sewing, mehendi (temporary tattoo) and beautician classes for now. Our goal is to expand and add new skills depending on individual capability, ensuring that every surrogate has the ability to be self sufficient toward the end of her pregnancy.

Our dream.... that no Vita surrogate feel the need to knock on the doors of Surrogacy again!

Surrogacy may cause the feeling of guilt in many Intended Parents, the main cause being the fear that the surrogate may be treated as a ‘disposable’ event in their lives. However, that can be overcome by trying to make a real difference to the lives of surrogate families in many possible ways!