Donor Insemination

Insemination using donor semen is a well accepted method of treatment for certain couples.

Who are suitable for donor insemination?

Donor insemination is used as an alternative for those couples in whom semen analysis shows no sperm, or sperm incapable of fertilizing an egg. It is necessary to perform tests on the female partner to ensure that she is able to produce an egg and in some situations to check that her fallopian tubes are open before treatment is started.

Where does the sperm come from?

At our centre, we use frozen donor semen from a licensed sperm bank. The sperm is collected from donors who are screened thoroughly for infectious diseases, such as HIV and hepatitis B. A blood test is taken prior to acceptance as a donor and is repeated every six months. Since HIV has a window period of 6 months, the sample is not released till the latter test (6 month) is negative for HIV.

Is the donor matched?

The aim at our centre is to match as many donor characteristics as possible. Blood group and general physical characteristics of the male partner, such as, colour of the eyes, hair, complexion, etc. are taken care of to prevent anxiety which may develop later.

How is donor insemination performed?

The insemination is performed around the time of ovulation, which is determined by follicle studies (sonography). It is performed in the same way as IUI

Legitimacy of the baby

You and you partner are the legal parents of any child resulting from this treatment.